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Our story

Call it the product of experience, call it common sense, call it street smarts - We've got a track record of continued success in multi-family real estate development.

Over the past six decades, we’ve successfully developed and managed thousands of single-family homes, condominiums, townhomes and apartment residences, consistently creating innovative solutions to meet ever-evolving market challenges.

In addition to multi-family property development, Bader is also one of the largest, most reliable and long-standing property management companies in the Twin Cities. Spanning every category from apartments to townhomes, and senior living to student housing, Bader manages a vast and diverse portfolio of properties in the Twin Cities and Dallas markets.

How we work

We collaborate closely with neighborhood, regulatory and municipality officials.

We apply our deep knowledge of the market to establish the right blend of amenities, finishes, and programming to both maximize value and exceed our residents’ expectations.

We approach all projects with flexibility, allowing us to structure unique partnerships and financing strategies.

Our expertise

  • Ground Up Multifamily Development

  • Vertically Integrated Mixed Use

  • Fee Development

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